Inventory management

SugarKane is directly involved in importing goods along with the related inventory through diverse mediums. Our team here directly updates your stock after every sales or purchase. Buyers get inventory under single roof of multiple brands. You do not have to take the whole burden of updating every product on multiple sites or to keep the track of the inventory as we take care of it.

Viscerous inventory control

At SugarKane we have updated our software for inventory control and are attached to multiple marketplaces and several shopping carts. If products of similar SKU are imported are auto linked through multiple channels for viscous inventory.

Systematize stock levels

While the selling procedures of your product through any channel proceeds, we ensure that our multichannel stock system gets spontaneously updated through all the integrated channels of yours in fraction of second. You are not required to take any stress for handling overselling, stock-outs or any other possible stock woes.

Manifold warehousing

You get the option of adding several warehousing and controlling inventory here. No matter whether you own a separate warehouse or have several places where your inventory has been placed, we handle your inventory with ease.

Pre alerts about low stock

Target onset and avail notification before the stock had met that point through our advanced inventory control software. We will provide you a simple gateway through inventory control system so that your products stock could be replenished and fulfilled before the customer places order.

Handling product variants

The task of handling price with variants is among the most tedious one but here we perform this task for variants flavors, size, texture, color etc with variable values and at the same time managing the stock perfectly. Earlier the possibility of handling huge product was a huge havoc but now with us it could never be regard as complication.

Barcode compatibility

Barcode compatibility is a smooth process when it comes to SugarKane. The facility of barcode scanner helps you in maintain inventory in warehouse, processing orders and while searching any product.