Multichannel management

Sugarkane acts like a pillar to channelize all your multichannel integration services that under one backend by removing any complication. Our highly upgraded multichannel integrations assist business hub or wholeseller to continue selling by investing less time and more efficiency. All your back end operation will be handled by us.

Mechanized channel sync

SugarKane is associated with all the available renowned online market hubs including Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Shopify, Etsy etc. We simplify the process of auto syncing to reenergizing the multichannel management skill by linking your channels.

Auto upgradation of stock

We are continuously working to update inventory of your every channel so that the havoc of bad inventory management could be eradicated. We add your store to our stock store and an auto upgradation of stock is made available to our clients after every individual order.

Auto apprise of shipping notification

Relate your entire sales channel with us and get the assistance of auto upgradation or shipping and order management. During any shipment changes, the information will be immediately shared to your channel.

Examine channel performance

Your whole store’s performance will be checked by us to provide you a sales strategy through our multichannel integration process. You will be getting control over detailed reporting characteristic. You will simply learn the smartest way to pronounce.

Handling multiple currencies at a time

You are not required to be stressed about the ways to deal with multiple currencies as we will take care of it. SugarKane will assist you to handle websites through multiple currencies and hence you will gain lots of satisfied customers.

Integration of accounting and payment integrations

We ensure that we export invoices to the needed place like FreshBooks, so that the accounting system could be held smoothly. We are equipped with Stripe and accept payment through credit card with few simple clicks.