Order Management

Sugarkane facilitates to manage order, shipping, and tracking information on all sales channels seamlessly. We use advanced mechanism of integration with ShipStations which will add your order shipments to each listing and notify your marketplace. You will be able to access your account any time to track invoicing and get real time cash flow.

Automatic syncing sales orders

Order management system of SugarKane collects and arranges all the orders arriving from multi channels and place them under one roof following the ideal tradition of centralization system. System ensures that the processing and management of your order could be done easily so that instantly the orders could be initiated.

Simplified order workflow of sales

SugarKane comes with a very innovative order management system which is especially designed to help you to initiate the orders in a very planned and organized way. Almost everything related to delivery including packing, shipment, delivering etc is taken care by our system.

Simplified dropshipping availability

There are many kinds of dropshipping options available with SugarKane that you can add in your account or avail for email notification and allocate orders under one roof only.

Establish partial or complete shipments

If there is limited quantity which is required to be shipped then you can do it with ease. There is several software of in-built order management which is united with EasyPost, ShipStation, AfterShip etc by which shipment and order tracking could be done easily.

Spontaneous shipping documents

Everything that is required for ship ready package including packing slips, order screened shipping labels and finally printing them is done by our team. Choose our shipping management remedies among diverse templates of shipping label.

Attractive sales invoices

A customer likes to be treated special and here we along with the printed sales invoice, add a tailored message and forward it to your customers through email. Through the aid of multiple invoice templates your documents could be placed in more planned and arranged way. We will surely build your brand to appear in better way.